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However, music is not the sole service the Glasgow music project provides. There is a TEFL prograwww,kerala,lottery,commme for parents of attendees. It brings children together for parents who have precious little income to otherwise help their children engage with their peers. Socialising with other children is vital as young people develop into adults. It’s also important for adults to make new friends and acquaintances. Music is a great leveller so the services provided are vital community assets. Yet another fantastic local project that the Health Lottery helped in 2020!

Indians have always had great luck on the UAE’s Big Ticket Raffle but this month’s 15 Million Series 203 draw was even better than normal! The first place prize of AED 15 million (over US$4 million) was won by Shojith KS and the luxury BMW was won by Mangesh Mainde - both originally from India. A further eight top prizes were also won by Indian nationals, ranging from the equivalent of US$27,000 for second place to US$2,700 for the tenth place prize.

Claiming that Charlotte Nova (Chariotnowhada) has "clear goals" and will upgrade its system through the spread of the virus, which is the main cause of cancer.

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But Sistrunk Boulevard is no ordinary street. It’s the heart of Fort Lauderdale’s part in the Civil Rights movement and s a historical and cultural icon. The street has always had a vibrant nightlife and music scene which are arguably fundamental to the growth of the protests. That’s why so many people see the Sistrunk Boulevard regeneration as important. The investment will draw interest to the area. On one side of the street will be a restaurant with a blues club above it. On the opposite side, his development company intends to build a retail complex with eateries, bars and shops.

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